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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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matter of hours he'll face a judge. and an ems worker slashed by a man in a mask. now one local leader is demanding answers about what he's calling a hate crime. and the mayor re-elected despite his seven years in federal prison. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. wednesday morning. it is november 4th. aisle darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. already feels like spring outside. >> it really does. >> in the city, 58 degrees at this hour. we're heading back towards 70 today. there is a big range in temperature from the city, which is in the upper 50s, to some of the suburbs. we see 30s again. generally 40s through the hudson valley. not as chilly as yesterday morning. lots of sunshine, lots of clear sky heading our way. the only difference today along the coastal areas will be a bit of a sea breeze.
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forecasting a high of 71 degrees. all right. first check on this wednesday morning commute. here's lauren. >> thank you. good morning. we have some big problems out theren the bqe. just a little while ago, this garbage truck was completely engulfed in flames. all lanes are shut down eastbound by the brooklyn bridge. this is the bqe. we'll take a live look outside at the delays this is causing. you can see it's just stop and go getting into the brooklyn bridge. or you'll have to take my word for it. very heavy delays getting into this area. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you very much, lauren. 4:31. this morning, the bus driver accused of slamming into an elderly woman and driving off will face a judge. this incident was captured on a nearby camera. katherine creag is in downtown brooklyn with the charges. >> reporter: we're here right at the courthouse, darlene. that's where that bus driver will be a little later this
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morning to face that judge. we want to show you him being escorted out of a police precinct station house by officers. the bus driver, paul roper, faces numerous charges, include including leaving the scene of an accident. he's been an mta bus driver for 15 years. the victim is seen on surveillance video pushing her walker across fulton street yesterday in brooklyn when that mta bus took a left. police say the bus driver struck the 70-year-old woman, stopped for a few seconds, and then he drove away. this happened about 6:00 in the morning. people who were there when it happened and saw it say the bus driver had to have known he hit someone but then he took off. >> there was crutches on the ground. if you're looking in your rear view, you can't tell me you didn't see a person laying on the ground. that's insane. >> reporter: and that bus did not have any passengers on it. again, the bus driver has been with the mta for many, many years.
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even though he faces numerous charge, some of his friends are coming to his defense. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you very much, katherine creag. today a former nshlgs ypd transit officer faces arraignment on long island. he was arrested last month. he was found on the run in duchess county. he was indicted for the murder of his wife. she was a real estate lawyer found dead in their lake grove home. the arraignment is scheduled this morning. >> this morning, two men randomly slashed on the subway are recovering from their wounds. police carried out evidence bags from the station. investigators say a 29-year-old man used a box cutter similar to this one here to slash two men on the head while on the c train. the unprovoked attack has some strap hangers worried. >> when i see things like that, it's not really safe.
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>> one of the victims is out of the hospital. the sister of the other victim updated everyone online saying he was in stable condition. as for the suspect, he's also in the hospital being evaluated. police say it is unclear why he attacked the two men. 4:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, i demand everyone get out today. >> i think you're right. we're running out of days like this. the rest of this week, really, temperatures well above normal. let's enjoy it while we can and soak it up. second brilliant day in a row. suburbs off to a chilly start again. highs around 70 once again today. will be a little cooler along the coast. barely a cloud in the sky once again. yesterday just that deep blue sky throughout the day. i think we see that happen again today. right now, 58. we're the warm spot in the city. we've seen numbers almost 20 degrees chillier in some of the suburbs north and west. 67 by noon. there's that string of sun symbols again throughout the day
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more on that seven-day forecast coming up. let's find out about the commute from lauren. >> thanks, chris. good morning. we still have the bqe shut down by the brooklyn bridge. also, until 5:00 a.m., no e trains between jamaica center and briarwood. you can pick up the shuttle buses instead. a whole bunch of overnight track work, including a couple suspensions. the 3 train and g train have no service in some spots. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. an ems worker slashed out of nowhere, and the attacker is still on the run right now. tracie strahan is live. even the borough president here believes this is a hate crime. >> reporter: that's right. that's going to be the focus of a news conference by eric adams this afternoon. alitthough, so far the nypd is not categorize
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that way. >> i've been stabbed. >> reporter: that was a call made around 8:30 last night. the victim works for a group of volunteer emergency responders serving predominantly jewish communities. he actually had his radio on him at the time. authorities swarmed this area immediately after he reported feeling pain in his upper right shoulder as he was walking on the pedestrian walkway here alone. no words were exchanged. no money, no items were taken, but he suffered a two to three-inch slash wound by a suspect who stabbed him then took off heading eastbound on eastern parkway. >> the cops showed up like a minute after i came. i asked if he was likely to die. they said not likely, he's going
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to make it. >> reporter: authorities have not yet recovered the weapon used in last night's attack. they're seen here conducting a grid search, combing several parts of the area right after the attack. police had this update for me over the phone a short time ago. they say the victim has since been moved to methodist hospital, where he's recovering and expected to make a full recovery. as for a description of this suspect still on the run, they tell me he was wearing a black hoodie, black jogging pants. the more interesting part of this, a mask. like jason from "friday the 13th" movie. so that's a telltale sign. we're looking for that type of person on the run this morning. >> tracie, thank you. 4:37 right now. new this morning, police releasing a photo of a man they say attacked and robbed a disabled man in the bronx. police say this is 58-year-old jose aguilar. they say he approached a victim in a wheelchair in a building on southern boulevard monday night. they say aguilar knocked the
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wheelchair, stole his wallet, and took off. the victim is not injured. coming up on 4:38. right now we're checking to find out if the coast guard has made any progress on finding a possible missing kayaker off of long island. someone on a boat spotted an empty kayak drifted near plum island yesterday afternoon. we want to show you a photo of the kayak found. you can see bright orange. inside was fishing rods and a net. right now no one has been reported missing. coast guard is still searching anyway as a precaution at this point. it's 4:38 right now. we have the outcome of some big election-day races, including a political comeback in connecticut. joe ganim won back his old seat by a landslide. that's despite his federal corruption conviction back in 2003. he credits his time in office. >> when i think at the end of
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the day why we're here tonight, it's because of the hard work i accomplished when i was mayor. whether it was holding the line on taxes for ten years, reducing crime by 40%. >> on long island, acting district attorney now becomes nassau county's full-time da. she took the surprising landslide win over kate murray. early polls show that race too close to call. on staten island, michael mcmahon becomes that borough's da. he won a tough battle. if you want to see election results from your area, just log on to our website, you can also use the nbc 4 new york app. this became a celebrity event. ohio voters rejected a ballot proposal to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. experts say voters not only posed marijuana use for more reasons, they say voters did not
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of wealthy investors controlling the production of the drug. nick lachey was one of the investors lobbying for that measure. he tweeted last night, change takes time. turning to next year's presidential election. a reason for hillary clinton to fear the new republican front runner. right now dr. ben carson is tied with her, 47-47. that's in the latest nbc news, "wall street journal" poll. happening today, the sheldon silver corruption trial continues today. silver is accused of accepting nearly $4 million in payoffs and kick backs and disguising those payments as legal fees. perry white is expected back on the stand today. he says he hired silver to attract business and not to work on cases. well, this morning an update on the e. coli outbreak linked
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a number of people infected with the bacteria now has climbed to 37. all those affected are far west in oregon and washington state. 43 restaurants in the pacific northwest were voluntarily closed while the ingredients are being tested. the number of patients could rise as more people begin to report those symptoms. they're trying to figure out what caused this and what the source was. 4:41. coming up on "today in new york," a bombshell from the widow of late comedian robin williams. she says depression was not his biggest problem. and call it an unusual landing. a small plane -- look at this, darlene -- saved by a parachute. >> wow. all right. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as well. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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back now on this wednesday morning. four things to know this morning. the sanitation truck that was on fire on the bqe has been extinguished and moved out of the way. all lanes just reopened. the mta bus driver accused of hitting an elderly woman will be in court in just a few hours. he faces many charges in her death. if you live anywhere near the indian point nuclear power plant, they will be testing the sirens today. it will take place between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. today in gardner, new york, this 78-foot norway spruce will be cut down. the tree will then make its way to just outside our window here at rockefeller center. it arrives on friday.
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4:44 right now. chris, i know you have to leave early. you have a hacksaw and you're heading up there. >> takes a while. >> and the glove. >> they said work on your calluses before you get going. the tree will be here in the next couple days. and the weather doesn't feel anything like the holiday season just yet. right now, still above normal temperatures for the rest of this week. it cools down by the weekend. 58 degrees, clear skies everywhere we go. temperatures in the suburbs quite a bit chillier this morning. nonetheless, another nice looking day heading our way. could see a couple showers or drizzle from time to time. that would be tomorrow into tomorrow night. another round of a shower early and late on friday. as we head towards the weekend, we're calling sunday the pick of the week. that would be the brighter day, but it will be the slightly cooler day. we hit the jackpot again today. normal high, 58. going to 71. we made it to 72 yesterday
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afternoon. a little different today with an onshore breeze. coastal areas might find themselves a little cooler. once again, that same system off the carolina coast has not moved north. this is high pressure. again, providing us with nothing but sunshine today. clear sky tonight. some patchy clouds move in a little later. then the clouds start to push towards us as we go into tomorrow. again, more like september weather in november today with a high temperature of 71 degrees. lots of sunshine. notice the wind direction, southeast. so south-facing shorelines, wind off the cooler water, will be probably be in the 60s most of the day. tonight, 57 in midtown. north and west, some patchy clouds roll in late. i think the evening is certainly clear. tomorrow, more clouds around. some limited sunshine. could be a spot shower or two, especially in the afternoon. upper 60s. we may not quite make it to 70 tomorrow if we get too many clouds in the picture. some folks could touch upon 70 degrees. we move forward into friday with a strong southwest wind. we're forecasting a high of 73. the record for the day is 74.
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we could get record warmth on friday. look for an early and a late shower after morning fog burns off. the sun in between. as we go on into saturday, leftover clouds early. temperatures in the low 60s. then it turns bright and sunny by the time we get to sunday. notice those temperatures get cooler, back to the 50s. weekend planner shows that breakdown. more sun north on saturday. more clouds city and south. mid-50s for sunday. frp for today, 71 again with sunshine. upper 60s tomorrow. watch out for a couple spotty showers. morning fog and a stray shower friday. there's your weekend outlook again. next week looks quiet. monday and tuesday, sunshine and upper 50s, low 60s. let's see if the commute is relatively quiet. >> relatively quiet, but we still have the trouble spot on the bqe. while they did just tow that garbage truck off the road, all lanes are remained closed. nothing is moving through, at least in the eastbound direction. because that has now been towed off the road, hopefully by the time you get out the door, all
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lanes will be reopened. you'll see just stopped traffic along the bend there on the eastbound bqe as you get into the area of the brooklyn bridge. delays go back to the tunnel. we'll continue to keep you posted on this. still a spot to avoid. hopefully they'll get that wrapped up soon. let's talk about construction out there this morning on the cross bronx expressway westbound. two lanes shut down. it's very slow through this area. heading to route 17, we have ongoing construction until 6:00 a.m. in both directions you have two lanes shut down between century road and midland avenue. right now causing a delay, but it will in a while. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much. today a family will say their final good-byes to a man who gave his life to save his sister on halloween night. a funeral mass for kristian leka will be held in heartsdale. he pushed his sister out of the way as a car barrelled towards them while they were trick-or-treating in the bronx. two other people did die in that
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crash. funeral services for 10-year-old nyanna aquil and her grandfather louis perez will be held friday and then on saturday. suffolk county police are investigating a murder-mystery. the body of 30-year-old william donahue was found on johnson avenue. a co-worker made the discovery ju fst before 7:00 yesterday morning. >> we're conducting an investigation into the incident right now. it appears the dispatcher had been stabbed during the night. >> investigators ask anyone with information to call crime stoppers. well, his comments at a new york rally caused an outrage in the police community. now filmmaker quentin tarantino is publicly defending himself. last month he marched with hundreds of others in a demonstration against police brutality. police unions across the country called for a boycott of his movies.
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yesterday tarantino spoke out saying police brutality is a problem, but he doesn't think all police officers are all right. 4:49 right now. it's been more than a year since robin williams took his own life. >> while it's believed that depression was the key factor, his widow now says it was something else. susan williams tells "people" magazine her husband suffered from a debilitating brain disease called diffuse louis body dementia. she says his condition worsened in the months leading up to his death. new this morning, investigators are expected to announce that the officer who was found shot to death in illinois took his own life. they say joseph glenn wits was found dead shortly after calling for backup. the 52-year-old officer had claimed he was pursuing three suspicious men. last month investigators revealed he was shot twice with hiios own weapon. the "today" show will have more on the announcement following
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"today in new york." a former taco bell executive could now face jail time for this violent attack on an uber driver in southern california. benjamin golden is now charged with four misdemeanor counts. if convicted, he could face a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. golden was fired from his position at taco bell's corporate office after the video of friday night's attack went viral. >>to> 4:51. honda now ditching its controversial air bag supplier takata after the top u.s. auto safety regulators fined takata some $70 million. they also ordered the japanese company to stop using a chemical which can force air bags to explode and spray metal fragments inside the vehicles. regulators have linked takata's air bags to at least eight deaths. from arkansas, we are seeing some stunning video of what fell from the sky.
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whose car is it going to hit? >> people watched in amazement in fayetteville. a small plane drifted by parachute to the ground. the three people on board were only slightly hurt. the pilot is former walmart ceo bill simon. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> that was kind of tough to watch. you don't know how that's going to end. >> all right. 4:52 now. still to come, a serious illness has left dozens of yale students sick. plus, prince william and kate are tackling cyber bullying, and they're taking their fight all the way to the top. and are you sick of responding to all those e-mails? pretty soon g-mail says they're
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welcome back. 4:54. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. so what month is it exactly? >> really, it's hard to figure that out. yesterday was beautiful. total blue sky throughout the day. temperatures made it to the low 70s. pretty similar again today. you'll find a high of about 71 in the city. a little warmer inland spots. coastal areas today may be a little cooler. the reason for that, we have more of an onshore breeze. still very nice no matter where you head today. lots of sun throughout. clear skies early and patchy clouds late tonight. rest of the week really pretty mild. we've got a little bit of rain in the forecast. not a lot. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, chris. thanks so much. lauren, what's happening? >> a while ago on the bqe, we had this garbage truck on fire. it's been extinguished and towed away. but there are plenty of flashing lights. this happened in a construction zone. all lanes remain closed. delays are heavy getting into the area. completely avoid the bqe.
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i'll let you know as soon as it opens. and a live look at the george washington bridge. this is what most of the area looks like right now. the bqe is the only problem we have. >> a commuter alert now. a citizens alert. outrage this morning over the delay of the 2nd avenue subway project. the msa slashed a billion dollars from the budget, says that construction for stations above 96th street, it will now not start until 2020. that's as in the year 2020. the move has angered east harlem residents. the mta is not blaming the delay on the cash. instead, they're saying the problem is obtaining the correct tunnel boring machine to dig it out. on long island, a water main break flooded several streets and left more than a dozen homes without water. crews had to spend the day repairing the 50-year-old main that ruptured on brook avenue. the suffolk county water
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authority could not say why that water main broke. officials think they now know the cause of a mysterious illness that spread through a connecticut law school. 30 students fell ill last week at yale university in new haven. it is believed they came down with a norovirus. the source of the outbreak remains a mystery. yale law school was scrubbed down and disinfected over the weekend. and today is the deadline for pennsylvania's attorney general to turn over evidence that a judge leaked grand jury information in the jerry sandusky case. lawyers seeking a new trial for sandusky contend the sex abuse case was falling apart before the leak to a reporter. they say it generated the publicity along with more victims to come forward. in turn, it helped prosecutors win their case. sandusky was convicted of molesting ten boys over 15 years in 2012. 4:57 right now. the internet obviously is a powerful tool.
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for unhappy customers. many go online to write scathing reviews. we've all read them. but many businesses are fighting back, even threatening those who post negative comments. now lawmakers are trying to put a stop to it. this morning on the "today" show, the story behind review retaliation and the effort to stop it. all right. 4:58 right now. the campaign against bullying has two royal champions. prince william and duchess kate have plans to get personally involved in protecting children. aides tell london's "sunday times" they'll make with executives from facebook and twitter. kate and william want children, including theirs, to be protected on social media. and going through your e-mail can be a real pain sometimes, but would you trust an app to read and then even reply to your messages for you? that's the idea behind a new g-mail feature from google. it's called smart reply. the program figures out which e-mails need a quick response. then you select one of three
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the program begins to learn how you prefer to respond to e-mail. smart reply being rolled out this week. >> really? >> i know, right? >> i'm going to try that on you. i'm going to give you a smart reply. it's 4:59. a new report is proving what most parents already know. toddlers are pros on mobile devices. however, researchers at einstein medical center in philadelphia also uncovered startling facts. nearly 97% of children have used a mobile device, many of them before the age of 1. the report also found three-quarters of children have their own device by the age of 4. they're brilliant. my goddaughter, who you've met, she just turned 3. she can post on instagram and twitter. >> right. >> she understands how to take a photo, post it. i mean, her comments don't make any sense yet. >> the thing she said about the federal reserve yesterday, i disagreed.
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too harsh.
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